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Merdi, day 10 of Summer, 568

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At last, the kyuem on Kizmia's island has been placed, and the incursion was successfully defeated. I grow weary of all the ethereal activity going on, but I am pleased that I was able to be but a small part of this morning's success. Hopefully the next incursion in Greymyr Village will go as well. I will do my best to attend that one as well, although I fear my studies may keep me away from that one.

I have spent much time on Kizmia lately, annihilating the entire island with Kalian and a rotating crew of healers. It's very easy, far beyond my level, yet utterly relaxing. The riches to be found there are obscene. I am truly in my element there. So odd that the very creatures that destroyed my old life are the ones I now conquer daily...

On a recent hunt there, however, Kalian, Hex, and I found a rather large army of Umbrion's guards in the southern snells of the isle. Along with myriad fire beetles. They are all easy creatures for us in small quantities, but we very nearly succumbed to the throngs of guards.

After a rather lengthy battle with the guards and their beetle underlings, we managed to conquer the area. We were fortunate enough to find quite the bounty of coins on many of the guards, which was nice. But now I wonder what the meaning was of such a formidable showing of guards. The three of us did enter Umbrion's Keep, but were met with such a large amount of fire that we decided it was best to explore this when we had more than one healer.

Regretfully, my studies have not gleaned much on the life of Umbrion, this most tempestuous of the 'brion brothers. It appears that the tomes only know mostly what I already either knew or discovered as we fought the army: that guards protect the keep, that fire beetles aid in the protection, and that the keep is Umbrion's.

I will have to remember to return to the keep soon, to investigate. Perhaps the army was but a fluke, but I cannot say for sure. The ethereal creatures have been banished from Kizmia's Island, but will another force attempt to take over my beloved second home?
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